Refrigeration Products

Refrigeration Products

We deal with wide range of Quality Refrigeration products that include Bottle Coolers, Ice Coolers and Deep Freezers.

Emerson Refrigeration Catalog

1. Heavy Duty Bottle Coolers

Stainless Steel Inner Tank , Long lasting hinges , Imported thermostat for accurate control , Tropicalised design for tough Indian weather , Pre-painted sheet for longer life and easy cleaning , Sturdy design and Low power consumption.

2. Ice Machines

Power Saving components & energy saving design , Totally safe , Perfect shapes , Water content control , Stainless steel body, Self standing , Space saver and Sprayers.

3. Deep Freezers

Double Door Freezer
Chest Type Freezer
Display Freezer

4. Water Cooler

5. Box Type Relay

The best for Tropical Hermetic Compressors , State-of -art Technology , Most Reliable O S Relays , Snap-acting motor protector provides protection to the motor winding under all abnormal starting & running conditions , Largest range available

6. PTC Relay

Solid state, i.e. No moving parts results in no electric sparks , No contact defects , Noise Free , Vibration and shock resistant , Long life , These relays are designed to mount directly to glassmetic terminal on compressor shell , These relays are compatible with hydrocarbon applications.

7. Thermostat

Compact, Sleek and Totally new generation Thermostat with accurate calibration , Highly accurate and noiseless performance , Hinged capillary tube avoids breakages , Totally enclosed contacts.

8. Drier, Strainers, Coppers, Aluminium Connectors

Manufactured under controlled atmosphere , Filled with special imported desiccant molecular sieves , Copper Aluminium joints are 100% leak tested. Also available for R-134a applications.

9. Hydro Carbon Applications

The enclosure designed to provide a seal around Thermostat, PTC Relay and OLP , This Seal/Enclosure restricts the entry of gases and vapors into the electrical components. As there are no moving parts electrical spark is totally eliminated.